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We are a community dedicated to creating positive change in football using web3, harnessing the power and potential of football’s diverse communities to make the game more democratic, inclusive, and grassroots-driven.

Our vision is to become a home for football-related projects of a variety of sizes, covering everything from buying and running a team to charitable efforts and industry innovation.

Our active goal is to foster a growing community of creators, athletes, fans and industry professionals in order to create solutions that deliver tangible good in the game and inspire others.

for the Fans

We believe that fans deserve to be represented in boardrooms, not just in the stands. We are here to pursue a vision of true supporter equity and create a collective with positive impact in football communities far and wide.


We believe that we can push the sport to be healthier and more innovative. We’re committed to supporting growth within the sport and within web3 that focuses on sustainability and preserving our planet. We believe in honesty and transparency and will explore organizational structures that give every fan a voice.

Culture & Community

We believe that football and its diversity and culture is best protected and enjoyed by empowering communities at the individual level and guarding against greed, malfeasance, and exploitation.

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What is is a collective of football fans and professionals looking to build a new future for football through transparency, community team ownership and #web3 in order to make our game more democratic, inclusive, and grassroots-driven.

What is a DAO?

A ‘DAO’ is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Think of a DAO like a digital cooperative that is collectively owned and managed by its members and run by a set of rules formed by the DAO’s community through democratic vote.

Because a DAO is built on transparent technology and code, it means that all DAO rules are always publicly accessible and impossible for a single person or entity to change. The DAO’s decisions are governed by vote, so everyone in the organization has a voice and nobody’s meaningful input is disregarded or dismissed because of hierarchical status like it might in a traditional company structure.

The DAO has a treasury that nobody can access without group approval, removing the risk of executive misuse of funds, and all transactions and financial data are shared publicly so there’s no potential for fraudulent reporting.

We are launching as a DAO because we not only want to empower fans to support football in new ways, but because we believe in accountability and transparency for the sport of football as a whole.

Do you plan to buy a team?

Yes. Purchasing and operating a team is just one of our goals, however.

How will you do it?

Methodically, ethically and sustainably. We have no desire to set unrealistic goals of purchasing a team that we could not run in a manageable or sustainable way. We will need to assess each opportunity to make sure that we are respecting the club, its history and its fans, as well as understanding the wider market, geography and other factors. Running blindly into the promise of purchasing a “big team”, while an attractive proposition, likely is not the best or most sustainable approach.

How are decisions made?

As a community, all of our decisions are voted upon transparently by members.

Will FXYZ release NFTs?

The short answer is: “we’re likely to”. However, we’re very aware of the high-profile issues and criticisms around the industry and we won’t be rushing into it. We have no intention of releasing an NFT for the sake of it— be it a digital collectible, artwork or otherwise. We especially have no interest in doing so in a way that compromises our values of sustainability, accessibility and transparency. We understand that “NFT” has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people and we aim to address all concerns when we start to move through the process.

How can I get involved?

It’s great to hear you’re interested! The best ways to begin are to join our Discord community and fill out our contributor application form so we can set some time to talk and get you involved.